Busted: 12 Common PEO Myths Debunked

Busted! 12 Common PEO Myths Debunked

Read Time: 7 Minutes


As human resources has grown more time-consuming and expensive for employers, owners have increasingly turned to HR outsourcing. But over the last 15 years, one solution in particular has grown in popularity—professional employer organizations (PEO).

And as PEOs have grown in demand by business owners, so too have the number of myths that exist about them. But are they true?

This eBook highlights 12 of the most common myths about PEOs including:

  • Do owners lose control of their business?
  • Is co-employment the same as employee leasing?
  • Can a PEO hire and fire a client’s employees?
  • Will a PEO save my business money?
  • And more!

Download your copy today to learn about these and other popular PEO myths and see why they have been busted!